Facade of Myths

Author : Dr. Amit Sarkar
This is my memoir. I am an Indian born American. While telling my stories in the first person, I strayed into the worlds of history, social customs and middle class life in India of my time.
Editorial Reviews
Clarion Review AUTOBIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR Facade of Myths Amit Sarkar CreateSpace 978-1-4782-6902-1 Three Stars (out of five)”Myths are unreal renditions of social situations of the past,” writes Amit Sarkar in his memoir Facade of Myths. “They are like potent fantasies that tend to lend credence to absurdity.” Facade of Myths is a single garment woven of three strands. The first is an episodic memoir that begins with the author growing up as a schoolboy in wartime British India. Snippets of family and student life offer a unique picture of a nation and a people in transition from colonial rule to independence. The second strand is a history of India before, during, and after the British. Amit Sarkar fucuses much of that story on the evils of partition, problems that continue to plague the subcontinent to this day. As a government secretary in the troubled Mizoram region, Sarkar deals with such issues daily and personally, witnessing riots and the assassination of three of his colleagues. Sarkar’s writing is rich and personal, and the selected episodes of the author’s life are filled with humorous and touching anecdotes. There is also a sweet story of a love that is never meant to be fulfilled, and which half a century later obviously still haunts the author in a gentle, warming wonder of what could have been. Facade of Myths is well written in English. Mark McLaughlin.
About the Author
The author was born and brought up in a picturesque town in India. In his childhood he enjoyed listening to the myths and legends inimitably narrated by his Grandma. Her stories fascinated the young author and imbued him with the urge to unearth the truth behind the myths.The author’s memoir, Facade of Myths, is a subtle oxymoron that unearths the truth behind the facade of myths. He began his career as a college teacher and journalist; became an attorney-at-law and joined the judiciary. This gave him the insight in to the causes of human delinquency that often develops due to social circumstances. Human beings take to crimes and communal riots either for sheer survival or due to provocation of conspirators. The author had the opportunity to know the mindset of the maniacs and criminals he tried as a Judge. He felt the urge to reform the society and law. His earlier works thus include (1) Secularism and Constitutionality, published by Uppal Publishing House, Delhi, (2) Social Justice: Rhetoric and Reality, published by Capital Law House, Delhi and (3) Naturalism, Humanism and Participative Jurisprudence, published by Uppal Publishing House, Delhi. He had the unique experience of working in the terrorist-plagued, centrally administered Union Territory of Mizoram as one of the Secretaries to the Government. His articles, talks and publications brought him to the US in 1992 as a Visiting Scholar to Boston University, Boston. He studied US laws in Northeastern University on scholarship from the University. In his compelling memoir, Facade of Myths, the reader would be authentically acquainted with the baffling situation in India during the World War II. Japanes forces were advancing towards the fringe of northeastern India. British administration in India was alarmed. As the Allied army landed in the author’s terror-stricken hometown, the situation in the town became somewhat like a besieged territory. The author narrates the historical background and the sociopolitical situation that led to the independence of India and partition of the nation into India and Pakistan. While in Mizoram, the author eyewitnessed the broad daylight assassination of three top police offcials. He describes the counterinsurgency measures and the political process that brought peace to Mizoram. Besides the above, the memoir has many more fascinating stories that were never told before. The author did his Masters in Economics, PhD in Sociology and law.