Dr Amit Sarkar For those who have been following the work of Dr. Amit Sarkar and would like to know what this great Indian writer is up to. Apart from writing books you have to know that Dr. Amit Sarkar is an outstanding personality through the high profile jobs that he has held throughout his life. Many of you who are relished by the words in his books may discover the reason behind his great thoughts that are embedded in his books. He is also a great scholar as he holds Masters in Economics; PhD in Sociology and Law and therefore you can see where his academic thoughts has been derived from.
Furthermore, the wealth of experience, which Dr. Amit Sarkar possesses, is another exciting thing that you should note. He is a retired judge and Senior Attorney, Supreme Court of India.
He has also served in other areas both in India as well as in the USA. For instance, he was once the Secretaries to a federally administered Union Territory Government, he has also served in as a member of review board under the maintenance of Internal Security Act. He has also worked as a judge under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act (TADA) and is an expert in International Law, which has made him represent many multinational corporations in the Supreme Court of India.
He has worked as a visiting Scholar and specialist teacher at the National Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science in USA. Through his work in different departments has enabled him acquire experience that has been instrumental in writing of his books. He has written several series of books and is still continuing to keep his fans entertained as well as informed through his writings. He has used his academic knowledge and blended it with practical experience to write enlightening literature of our time.
For instance, in Naturalism, Humanism and Participative Jurisprudence, he has tried to summarize how law has transformed over time. He tries to take the reader how justice system has changed and what has caused the transformation up to date. It tries to exploit why there has been a necessity of change in the legal system and tries to predict what will eventually happen to this industry in the coming years. Another book that has also captured the imaginations of readers is the Social Justice.
In this book he tries to show that justice is not only about the court but is a system that tries keeping Human Organizations in order. He has tried to take the reader through what justice was intended to be by those who were the founder of the Indian constitution and what it has managed to achieve up to now. Another book is Secularism and Constitutionality. This book tries to compare justice, which is formally written in the constitution with the secular justice. It tries to show how different aspect of humanity and lifestyle has been used to come with acceptable jurisprudence in the society through blending social and secular justice.
There are other new books that Dr. Amit Sarkar has authored including Moments in Time and Mayu. He is a life member of Indian Association of Criminology and South Asian Bar Association of greater Boston, USA.
When he is not on his official work Dr. Amit has a passion for music and poetry. He is an official Lyricist and Composer for HMV records and All India Radio in India as well as in Hilltop records, California, USA. In 2003 he earned the Winners Cup that was awarded to him by the International Society of poets in USA for the best English poem of the year. He was also awarded the gold medal for the best English poem in 2004.